Frequently asked questions for self help.

Download and Installation
8 What are the hardware/operating system requirements?
165 Cannot start Ability — api-me-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll missing

Product Keys, Activation, Registration
147 How to activate Ability Office version 6.0
144 How to activate Ability Office version 5.0
35 Can't get the Product Key to work.
152 Lost activation key, serial number, registration details - re-installation

121 Could not start print job when trying to create PDF file
49 Error message on opening a PDF file in Ability

69 Can the spell checker from Write be used in Outlook Express?

77 Quick Database tutorial

88 How to turn on/off the spreadsheet grid (and other display and print properties)

139 Technical Support Policy
127 Windows Vista issues
120 No toolbar or menu visible
109 Trying to open a file and the Ability logo stays on screen
105 What are the limitations of Ability Office compared to Microsoft Office?
114 Associating files (Excel, Word and others) with Ability applications