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Knowledge base article 172

Alternate install for version 8

Installing Ability is usually easiest using the setup.exe bootstrapper - as per the instructions on our standard download page.

If this process goes wrong (e.g. problems with the Windows temporary folders - see Knowledge Base Article 170: Installer "cannot find MSI") then you can install directly by:

  1. Download the appropriate MSI from the table below - this is a single file installer.
  2. Either:
    Double-click the MSI in Windows Explorer
    Execute the following at a command prompt (or Admin command prompt if available):
    MSIEXEC /i AbilityPRO8_EN.msi
    making sure to use the name of the actual MSI you download. You will need to CD into the download folder first.

Note: Depending on your user privilages, the above may or may not work (which is why we recommend using the bootstrapper). If there are problems, please make sure you have administrator privileges and try again. See troubleshooting below.

Ability OfficeOffice Professional
Install Install
Setup Setup
Installation Installation
Instalación Instalación
Setup Setup
Instale Instale
Installera Installera
Installare Installare


You can get log of the install process and send this to support@ability.com. Use the command prompt method described above and then use the following install command:

MSIEXEC /i AbilityPRO_EN.msi /l*v ability_install.txt

and then send the ability_install.txt to support.