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Download and Installation
185 Windows installer error 1638
184 Alternate installation for version 11
183 Additional Ability Office 11 installs
181 Microsoft Defender paranoid mode
170 Installer "cannot find MSI"

Product Keys, Activation, Registration
186 My email has changed - how does this affect activation?
180 Change of email address after activation
174 Error or problem when activating the software
173 Activation required on each run of an Ability application (after successful activation)
176 Cannot find serial number
169 Activation state invalid

49 Error message on opening a PDF file in Ability
148 Error "W048F32W.DLL Not Found" (or similar)

166 Printer not activated, error code - 30 when printing to PDF

66 Automatically saving your work
175 Crash on saving/opening a file
151 Spell check language options

182 Microsoft Access database engine installation

119 What license agreement does Ability operate under
120 No toolbar or menu visible
139 Technical Support Policy