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Article de la base de connaissances 147

How to activate Ability Office version 6.0

Activation for version 6.0 is straight-forward - we send you a "serial number for life" at time of purchase that can be used any time you re-install Ability or re-install or upgrade your operating system.

There are 4 requirements to get Ability activated:

  1. The activation key you have purchased must match the product (either Ability Office or Ability Office Professional) you have installed.
  2. The key must be entered exactly. Try copy and paste from the confirmation of purchase email.
  3. When prompted, enter a name/email - you must set it to be exactly as specified in the confirmation of purchase email. No variation is allowed. Typically, we set name to your email address at time of purchase.
  4. The PC must be connected to the internet. For none-connected PCs a different activation method is required. If you have already activated another PC with your serial number, please follow the instructions in Knowledge Base Article 152 and the required details will be emailed to you. Otherwise, please contact support.