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Download and Installation
185 Windows installer error 1638
8 What are the hardware/operating system requirements?
10 How do I remove the trial version?
145 ZIP install set for non-internet connected PCs
158 Cannot start any Ability program - Windows error message (GPF)

Product Keys, Activation, Registration
176 Cannot find serial number
147 How to activate Ability Office version 6.0

148 Error "W048F32W.DLL Not Found" (or similar)
49 Error message on opening a PDF file in Ability

166 Printer not activated, error code - 30 when printing to PDF

163 Importing DOC/DOCX documents with tables can lead to crash
151 Spell check language options
149 Mail-merge or Label problems
66 Automatically saving your work
67 European characters on a UK/US keyboard

84 Default sort order

88 How to turn on/off the spreadsheet grid (and other display and print properties)

139 Technical Support Policy
164 Wir unterstützen nur Ability Office
119 What license agreement does Ability operate under
120 No toolbar or menu visible
150 How to switch between tabbed toolbar and traditional toolbar modes
156 Associating Microsoft Office files (Excel, Word and others) with Ability applications
155 How to save to the cloud (Dropbox)
154 Windows 8 and Launcher

161 Can't Preview/Print or Save to PDF all the slides in a presentation