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Kennisbank artikel 179

Toolbar update warning message on starting Spreadsheet

Symptoms: on starting Spreadsheet, a message is displayed "Due to a software update the toolbar 'Format' has changed". Sometimes this message is obscured by the splash screen.

Immediate continuation: just press the space bar to continue.

Cause can be either:

  1. You double-clicked on the Spreadsheet icon when a single-click will launch Spreadsheet - Windows tries to start Spreadsheet twice and this can cause the error. Solution: single-click when appropriate.
  2. There is a problem with registry and Spreadsheet.

Fixing the registry

Warning: only do this if you are confident on your computer skills!

Below is for version 10.0 - just replace "10.0" with e.g. "9.0" if you have version 9 and so on.

Solution 1: Start REGEDIT and navigate to:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Ability 10.0\Ability Spreadsheet
And then delete the key.

Solution 2: Select Start and enter "command prompt" in the search box. Right click over the command prompt program and select "Run as administrator". At the command prompt, enter the following command:
REG DELETE "HKCU\SOFTWARE\Ability 10.0\Ability Spreadsheet"